AFD industries is a company built on a foundation
of quality and decades of elevator experience,
both in manufacturing and in the field. We have brought together the world's leading component
manufacturers under the AFD umbrella so you
can gain purchasing advantages not found
anywhere else in the industry.

Here you'll find world renown names such as
Savera, Pfeifer DRAKO and Allweiler as well as
our own AFD branded components. Even more,
AFD stocking and shipping points are strategically
located across the country to ensure the quickest
response to your delivery requirements.

Technical expertise, product selection advice and
ordering assistance are yet other ways AFD provides
distinct advantages that can lead to better bottom
line results.

AFD Industries, Inc.
555 Market Avenue North - Canton, OH 44702
Toll-free: 800.462.7002
Phone: 330.452.3300 - Fax: 330.452.2331