Guide Rails

AFD is the exclusive distributor of Savera elevator guide rails in North America. Check out the guide rail data sheet link for available sizes and basic dimensions.

SUPER rails meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 7465. SUPER offers the best performance in the industry for a “standard” rail.

EXTRA rails meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 7465 (Class 1) and offer 100% control of straightness. When ride quality is important in high-rise installations, EXTRA is for you.

STAR rails are the ultimate in quality and performance. The tolerances and straightness of STAR rails are unique to the entire industry. STAR is a must for high-speed high rise projects. STAR PLUS is the highly acclaimed rail system for the ultimate in ride quality.

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Download the Elevator Guide Rail Data Sheet.

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A total selection of fishplates available to match every rail application. Machined surface and perfect bore hole alignment speeds installation.

Regular (non-seismic)
FSMs “Full Section Modulus” T-Section, (seismic)
Triple Thick (drilled, tapped, counterbored plates and seismic)

Download Fishplates Data Sheet PDF.

elevator fishplates